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April 2022 – David Allan appointed to Advisory Board, FSD Pharma

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FSD Pharma Inc. (NASDAQ: HUGE) (CSE: HUGE) (FRE: 0K9A), a life sciences holding company dedicated to building a portfolio of assets and biotech solutions, recently announced the appointment of David Allan and John McGraw, PhD, MSc, to the Company’s Advisory Board.

“Mr. Allan and Dr. McGraw both have impressive careers in the field of healthcare and biotechnology underscored by tremendously successful exits and we are excited to welcome them to our team,” commented Anthony Durkacz, Founder, Co-Chairman, and Interim Chief Executive Officer at FSD Pharma. “Our drug candidates have attracted an unparalleled group of advisors and staff as we position to initiate clinical trials, and the talents of these two seasoned industry executives joining in our mission to improve patient outcomes in challenging diseases such as multiple sclerosis, major depression disorder and inflammatory disorders,” added Mr. Durkacz.

November 2021 – David Allan appointed as Managing Director, eQcell Inc.

April 2021 – David Allan appointed to Board of Directors eQcell Inc.

eQcell, a clinical stage biotechnology company, is the first Canadian company to receive clearance from Health Canada for stem cell trials in osteoarthritis in horses – a condition for which there is no effective therapy that affects humans equally as animals.

The trials are designed to progress through the veterinary indication into the human – translational medicine – known as One Health, One Medicine or Zoobiquity.

The defining principles of One Health  –  are profoundly well-established in which genetically-diverse domestic/sporting animals provide relevant models for human health, reducing the monumental late-stage clinical failures that are attributed to the use of less-relevant, laboratory-bred rodents for preclinical studies. For investors, the attraction is substantial given that the veterinary indication produces early efficacy data translatable to the human condition, and rapid veterinary marketing approval during clinical investigation for the human indication.


January 2020 – David Allan appointed to Advisory Board, Inteligex Inc.


Inteligex, founded by Dr. Michael Fehlings, a world leader in the field of translational research in neural repair and regeneration, is developing neural stem cells for the treatment  of spinal cord  injury, a devastating condition for  which there  are no effective drug of regenerative therapies.

The engineering of the neural cells results from over 15 years of Dr. Fehling’s dedication to the discovery and development of appropriate cells.

Patients suffer para/quadriplegia, reduced breathing capacity, immune system dysfunction and death. Survivors require assistance for feeding, toilet use and all mobility issues. Incidence in North America is ~20,000 and prevalence ~450,000.

Dr. Fehling’s, a member of University Health Network, University of Toronto, is the recipient, amongst numerous recognitions, of the Herbert Olivecrona Award, also known as the Nobel Prize of Neurosurgery.

March 2019 – David Allan appointed to Advisory Board, Haygain Ltd


Haygain, is the world leader in a range of proprietary devices designed from research at Britain’s Royal  Agricultural  University (RAU)  and from the US’s Cornell University

Veterinary College that have a unique and important impact on maintaining the health of horses. Utilized and endorsed by Olympians and veterinarians worldwide – – by the US Equestrian Federation, and British Equestrian Federation.

The overarching economic and emotional impact on owners of horses is onset of lameness and breathing impediments, including asthma. The debilitating effect of mould, fungal spores, respirable particles, and bacteria in the principal diet of stabled horses – hay – results in contaminants that causes airway inflammation (80%), respiratory disease requiring antibiotics (15%) and ulcers in racing horses (80%) all of which have a massive impact on expensive animals resulting in inability to train and loss of prize money from failing in competition.

Haygain’s steamer technology, developed at the RAU, is alone in the world in eliminating>99% of contaminants; its Comfortstall, developed in conjunction with Cornell, maintains health of joints, tendons and ligaments; and its Forager simulates regular natural forage uptake, providing gut health, stress reduction, and improved behaviour.

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