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In addition to its advisory services in strategy, finance and governance Cresswell is structured to undertake product development. In executing such product development, the listed executives together with a number of established biopharmaceutical executives pro-tem, provide the management resources. Cresswell's extensive reach and network enables it to rapidly assemble teams of experts in any required discipline in North America and Europe to support development and commercialization projects .

Michael Cooke has  been responsible for the development of a novel hydrogel within the laboratories of Professor Molly Shoichet at the University of Toronto with a concentration on its efficacy and unique healing effects  in multiple  applications  from cardiac and spinal surgery through C-section and cosmetic surgery to delivery of chemotherapeutics, NSAIDS and antibiotics. His BSc in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry  was earned at Durham University (UK) and a Wellcome Trust CASE PhD in the Przyborski laboratory at Durham University. He holds an Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation post-doctoral fellowship in biomaterials to increase cell survival following transplantation

Dr. Roges is an internationally-experienced MD and Senior Manager with more than 15 years of management expertise in drug development and clinical research for pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations.

He was the Country Executive in Cuba for YM BioSciences, responsible for interaction with the principal Cuban scientific institutes, government relations with both the Government of Cuba and the officials of the Canadian Embassy in Havana, and analyses and recommendations regarding Cuban biopharmaceuticals in development.

German Roges, Medical Affairs, Pharmaceutical development consultant, Regulatory, CRO, biopharma, MD, Manager, MSL, science liaison

With skills in Medical Affairs, Good Clinical Practice, Regulatory Compliance, Clinical Trial Management, Business Planning and Science Liaison and Education, his previous experience of 18 years as a scientist and lecturer in Life Sciences is recognized.

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